About Brainchild

The Brainchild group’s core purpose is to improve the performance of the businesses of its clients by providing assistance right from their start-up phase. Brainchild group of companies help businesses with strategy, business planning, marketing, brand building, media planning & buying, IT & ECom strategy, professional services for compliance, auditing & accounting, professional proposals, contracts, documentations for raising funds from banks, private equity and thru IPO and the related activities.

Typically, only large and established companies have access to the quality Ad agency and management consultancy services. These services were beyond the reach of the smaller organization because of its prohibitive cost. Just because smaller organizations can’t afford these services, doesn't mean that they need these services any less than the larger organizations. Smaller companies need them as badly as their big brothers. Understanding the real and practical problems faced by such businesses, Brainchild has made it their core purpose to make these services also affordable for Small and Medium Businesses, so that there is a level playing field for all. The same quality services have been made available to the smaller companies as well that were till recently only accessible to large and established organizations.

Brainchild Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., founded and incorporated in 2007 as a technology company in Media and Advertising industry has now grown to become Brainchild group, a global enterprise headquartered in India, and comprises over 8 operating business units, with operations in USA, UAE, Malaysia and India.

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